Greenfields Day Care

Baby room

Are you are looking for a friendly day nursery in Randalstown with fully-qualified staff? Greenfields Day Care and After School is a trusted day care centre in County Antrim. Contact us for details about your child’s enrollment.

Private day nursery for your baby

Our baby room caters for children aged 6 weeks to 1 and a half years. We have two rooms on the ground floor which are colourful, bright and airy with age appropriate resources for children to play with and have fun. We have an adjoining sleep room and a separate nappy changing room. The baby room at Greenfields Day Care and After School offers many opportunities to learn and supports the holistic development of your child.

Our day care provides:

Stimulating learning environments
High standards of hygiene
Nutritious home cooked meals
A homely and cosy environment

Dependable children’s nursery

You can rely on us to provide a friendly environment at our day care which is set in cosy and homely premises. Our staff at Greenfields Day Care and After School are experienced, trained and have many years of experience in caring for and nurturing babies. If you need more information about us, contact us today.