Greenfields Day Care

Sensory Room

At Greenfields Day Care, we have a sensory room which children visit to do different activities including natural and lighting sensory activities, playing musical instruments, dancing on our stages, storytelling time using our wide range of story boxes with fun props.


Jo Jingles visits us every other week on different days so that all children have the opportunity to join in the fun. Music can help your child develop as it helps build creativity and gives children something fun to do. Our movement to music sessions offer children the opportunity to play with a wide range of musical instruments, do different group activities, sing, dance and have fun with their friends. Contact our team for details.

Story room with fun props

We have a designated story room with many story boxes which contain different colourful props that can be used for storytelling.

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Our focus has always been on your child’s overall development. We have a range of facilities which help your child grow and learn new things, and have fun doing it.

Our activities include

Sensory tent, lot of sensory materials for different activities, lights, light boxes, mystery boxes, story boxes with props, stages, musical instruments and many more!